Two voyages to Sierra Leone during the years 1791-2-3 : in a series of letters

Two Voyages to Sierra Leone during the Years 1791-2-3: In a Series of Letters” is a book written by Anna Maria Falconbridge. It comprises a collection of letters written by Falconbridge chronicling her experiences during two voyages to Sierra Leone in the years 1791, 1792, and 1793.

Anna Maria Falconbridge was the wife of Alexander Falconbridge, a surgeon who served on British slave ships. Through her firsthand observations and experiences, Falconbridge provided insights into the conditions in Sierra Leone, particularly focusing on the British colony’s establishment there and the issues surrounding the slave trade during that time.

The letters offer a detailed and often critical perspective on various aspects of life in Sierra Leone, including the treatment of enslaved Africans, the efforts to establish the colony, interactions with indigenous peoples, and the workings of the Sierra Leone Company, which was involved in the colonization efforts.

The addition of a letter from Anna Maria Falconbridge to Henry Thornton, the chairman of the Court of Directors of the Sierra Leone Company, likely provides additional context or commentary on the matters discussed in her letters.

Overall, “Two Voyages to Sierra Leone during the Years 1791-2-3” serves as an important historical document shedding light on the realities of life in Sierra Leone during the late 18th century, particularly from the perspective of someone closely involved in the British colonization efforts and the abolitionist movement.


London : Printed for the author, 1794.