Office of Registry of Colonial Slaves and Slave Compensation Commission

Registers of the Office for the Registry of Colonial Slaves, 1813 to 1834, most of which are indexed under the names of the owners or plantations; and records of the Slave Compensation Commission, comprising the proceedings of the assistant commissioners who were sent to the several colonies, valuers' returns, registers of claims with indexes, original [...]

Narratives of Slavery at Jefferson University- Virginia

The Narratives of Slavery project presents stories of the enslaved at Jefferson's University through three case studies of spaces where they lived and worked. PUBLISHER: Virginia University REQUIRES MEMBERSHIP: No CLICK ICON TO EXPLORE IN SPATIAL.IO  No LINK TO SOURCE:


"Slavery and the Making of the University" introduces materials that recognize and document the contributions of slaves, college servants and free persons of color to this history with an obvious emphasis on the university's antebellum period. PUBLISHER: University of North Carolina REQUIRES MEMBERSHIP: No CLICK ICON TO EXPLORE IN SPATIAL.IO  No LINK TO SOURCE:

University of Cambridge Slavery Project

History is inescapable in Cambridge. It is inconceivable that a British institution as old as our University would not have been touched by colonial practices of enslavement and enforced labour – whether benefiting from, helping to shape, or indeed challenging them. A society’s historical baggage and its modern-day challenges are inextricable. Understanding our past and [...]

University of Oxford Enslavement Project

As part of its commitment to responding to the Black Lives Matter movement, and to engaging more fully with its own institutional history, since March 2020 Exeter College has been undertaking research to determine whether it may have profited from the proceeds of slave-ownership and coerced labour. The College has a role to play in [...]

Yale & Slavery Research

To that end, Yale in 2020 launched the Yale and Slavery Research Project to study the institution’s historical involvement with slavery. The discoveries made by the project’s historians and scholars were made public and addressed by Yale throughout the research process. You will find on this website much of what the team learned. For those [...]


On April 26, 2022, Harvard President Larry Bacow released the Report of the Committee on Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery, accepted the committee’s recommendations in full, and announced a historic commitment of $100 million to fund their implementation. PUBLISHER: Harvard University REQUIRES MEMBERSHIP: No CLICK ICON TO EXPLORE IN SPATIAL.IO  No LINK TO SOURCE: [...]

GU272 Descendants, 1785-2000

This database provides the indexed genealogies of the descendants of the 272 Slaves sold by Georgetown University in 1838, and was produced in a partnership with the Georgetown Memory Project. This database is organized into volumes. Each volume is based on a Register-style report on the descendants of the original families. The volume name will [...]

Before the war, after the war: preserving history in Sierra Leone (EAP284)

Documents which can barely be equalled in importance for telling the Atlantic slavery story. Foremost are the Liberated African Letter Books, which record the slave ships captured by the navy patrol, list all Africans disembarked at Freetown and indicate what became of them. There are also treaties between local chiefs and the new settlement from [...]

Nineteenth century documents of the Sierra Leone Public Archives (EAP443)

Valuable documents of immense importance for research on the transatlantic slave trade and its repercussions. The original Registers of Liberated Africans who were taken off slave ships by the Royal Navy from 1808 to the 1840s document more than 85,000 individuals. In addition, there are Letterbooks which provide information on the treatment and ‘disposal’ of [...]