23andMe offers three services: Ancestry Service, Health +plus Ancestry Service and 23andMe+plus PremiumTM. All services require submitting a saliva sample using our saliva collection kit that you send to the lab for analysis. 23 and me Ancestry Service helps you understand who you are, where your DNA comes from and your family story. They analyze, compile and distill your DNA information into reports [...]

African Ancestry

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Rick Kittles and Gina Paige, African Ancestry is the world leader in tracing maternal and paternal lineages of African descent having helped more than 1,000,000 people re-connect with the roots of their family tree. With the industry’s largest and most comprehensive database of over 30,000 indigenous African DNA samples, African [...]


Ancestry® combines billions of rich historical records, millions of family trees and samples from millions of people in the AncestryDNA® network to help you discover your unique place in history and gain meaningful insights that can impact your future. AncestryDNA® has expanded to new markets, and is now available to consumers in over 60 countries and territories. [...]