An account of the colony of Sierra Leone from its first establishment in 1793 : extract from Report of Directors of Sierra Leone Company, read in London on 17th March, 1794

A document that provides details about the founding and early development of the colony of Sierra Leone. It appears to be an extract from a report presented by the Directors of the Sierra Leone Company in London on March 17, 1794.

The Sierra Leone Company was a British organization established to oversee the colonization of Sierra Leone as a settlement for formerly enslaved Africans and free people of African descent. The colony was founded in 1792 with the arrival of the first group of settlers, known as the “Nova Scotians” or Black Loyalists who had fled the United States during the American Revolutionary War.

This extract would likely include information about the initial establishment of the colony, the motivations behind its founding, the challenges faced by the settlers, the progress made in building infrastructure and institutions, and any other relevant details about the early years of Sierra Leone’s existence as a British colony.

The document would be valuable for understanding the historical context and early history of Sierra Leone, particularly from the perspective of the British colonial authorities and the Sierra Leone Company’s efforts to establish and manage the colony.


London : The Company, [1795?]